2010/04/23 Lucid Kernel Final Configuration

Now that release is fast approaching it was thought appropriate to advertise the final kernel configurations for all of the main distro and ports kernel flavours. The purpose is to expose the main configuration changes to scrutiny and to provide pointers to the full configurations where those are of interest.

For Lucid we have aimed primarily on stabilisation and supportability. As such we do not expect there to be any radical configuration changes in these kernels. There has been a drive to commonise and standardise options between architectures and flavours where at all possible to help standardise the experience. There has also been a drive to pull out to modules some sub-systems which are commonly replaced by users, such as HID, and also pulling out the majority of the PATA and SATA drivers as it is most common to only require a single one of these. We have also enabled KMS for all graphics hardware where it is supported.

To aid in this comparison we have generated a delta report between Karmic and Lucid which shows all items which have changed and how the value has changed. This report can be found at the URL below:


To facilitate series to series comparison we include pointers to both the full Karmic and Lucid configurations for each flavour, all of which can be found at the URL below: