2010/03/11 Lucid Kernel Freeze

Today, March 11th 2010, marks Kernel Freeze for the Lucid kernel. This means that the kernel moves from active development into its stabilisation phase. All planned kernel features are now set, included, and enabled and the kernel team focus now moves from new enablement to testing, bug isolation, and fixing of issues found in the kernel. The kernel will now transition over to the stable maintenance team, they will be responsible for patch acceptance from here on.

What does this transition mean for you. Now is the time to test things you care about and report any issues in Launchpad against the linux package. If you have bugs open found earlier in the cycle please retest with the latest and greatest kernel and report back whether those bugs are still present and where you tested. The upcoming Beta-1 release is an ideal test platform.

Additionally this transition means that is will be much harder to make a change the kernel. From today patches will need to meet the same criteria as would be required for SRU[1] to a released kernel. That means that the patch must have a Launchpad bug open, it must be a fix for an actual bug being experienced in the field, it must be sent to the kernel-team email list for review, it must recieve two ACKs from kernel team members, and finally you must test the updated kernels and report back.

Lucid will be with us for a long time so please help us make this the best kernel possible. Please test beta-1 and report your issues. Thanks!

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/StableKernelMaintenance