2010/05/16 Maverick UDS: the hangover

What a mad week. Finally UDS is over and at least some of us are back home, dispite the efforts of a certain Icelandic volcano and of Eurostar. For me this has been one of the most valuable I have attended. I suspect in large part this is due to my being more experienced in the 'one hour to rule the world' mentality. The rather fetching five minute warning popups were pretty handy to focus the mind on getting the pertinent actions into the gobby seance.

Last cycle I was Kernel Release Manager, this meant that I had responsibility for all of the core kernel blueprints and meant I was tied to the kernel track almost exclusively. With that responsibility passing to Leann I found myself free to rove to other tracks and stick my nose in. I attended a number of X/graphics related discussions. It was great to meet those behind the IRC nicks which I deal with so very often.

More on what we are going to be playing with once the hangover dissipates, in the meantime some Guitar Hero me thinks.