2013/04/17 BT Fail (or "I have never been so angry")

For those of you who do not have to hear me whine on a day to day basis about, well frankly, everything, you will not be aware that I have been waiting for broadband to be connected to my new house. Today was the 5th week of waiting for this simple seeming task to be completed. (Please don't make me even more angry by telling me how your US supplier pays you compensation every day it takes longer than ONE, I expect some level of suck from my UK service providers, else I would emigrate.) Along the line I have had to have a huge hole made in my brand new house, and had to have countless engineers attend to try and supply my service. Today should have been the end of this debackle, I should now have super fast Internet, I should be happy.

I am angry, so angry that it is unclear I have ever been more angry. If my house was not so new I suspect that objects might have been thrown, hard.

Today was meant to be the third attempt to hook up my internet. Today at 2pm I get a call:

"Hello we aren't coming today *beam*.
No sir, we don't know why, the system says 'Technical Problems'.
Someone will call you within 30 hours to tell you why, honest.
Sorry we do understand this isn't what you were hoping for."
Frankly you do not understand, you have no clue how I am feeling, so let me enlighten you. My blood is boiling, if I had a heart condition you would likely have killed me. I have had to go out for a walk to avoid breaking things. I am now writing this in catharsis.

As I tried to explain to the caller, it is not so much that you are cancelling my slot, shit happens, people go sick, etc etc, it is that you have no idea why it went wrong and you won't know for 24 earth hours, that you cannot tell me why you are going to attend to actually complete the work. This is utterly unacceptable. Actually when I phoned your own helpdesk they seemed to be able to find out that "Your appointment was cancelled because we [BT] failed to confirm it with the suppliers". The website says that "Your appointment was no longer needed because the engineer could enable your service from the exchange." Who knows what is true. Whatever is true, I do not have the promised service, I did not have an engineer attend despite confirming the appointment was scheduled on four separate occasions over four consecutive days including Monday this week, on some days by more than one person at BT actually calling the engineers to check.

BT you SUCK. If Virgin (perhaps one day I will be calm enough to tell you how they suck) didn't suck harder you would have lost my business today.